help with your car insurance

We are an independent auto body and repair shop.

We work with all auto insurance companies, but our top priority is always you, the vehicle owner. At some repair shops, the needs of the insurance company are served before the needs of the customer, but not at M&I. We fight for your interests, to make sure you get the best repair work possible. We don’t have a contract with insurance companies, so we’ll never cut corners to serve their bottom line. Our customers come to us because we know how to deal with insurance adjusters and agents efficiently and professionally to get your vehicle repaired quickly, with top quality parts and workmanship.

We can assist you in processing your claim whenever there is insurance involved. This can be a very confusing and complicated process but we do this every day, and we can help make your overall experience as pleasurable as possible. M&I has a great working relationship with virtually every insurance company and that makes the collision repair experience more efficient and the whole process can go smoothly.

Collision repair is an inherently difficult process, and there are numerous aspects to even a simple repair that can each complicate the process. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Helping you to navigate the insurance maze is certainly an important part of the overall process. You have to report the loss- we cannot do that for you. But once you have done that, and liability has been determined, we can help you from that point forward.